1 On 1 Coaching with Philicia Wallace

Start Slaying Your Self Doubt Today

Slaying Your Self-Doubt

Helping you conquer your fears and innermost thoughts that prevent you from living a fulfilled life. 

Stepping Into Your Purpose

Start living in your truth and becoming the person you were designed to be with passion and purpose. 

Loving The Person You Are NOW

Acknowledge the greatness that lives within you and exert it to the world as you live a happier life.

Imposter Syndrome

Gain a sense of self-worth and know that you belong in any space you enter with confidence.

Are you ready to start your journey to becoming the best verison of yourself?

“Philicia has a way of getting me to talk more about my feelings and what’s important to me. She always knows how to put things into perspective so that you’re able to make a decision that you know is right for you.”


“Philicia encourages others to find their greatness, healps others expand upon their own potential, and lead them to be better that they were before. She comes across as very non-judgemental.”


“Philicia identifies problems and has a knack for guiding you to solutions. She’s not doing the work for you, but she helps you see the problem from different angles which helps you see how you can fix it yourself”


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