141: The Journey Behind the Business with Brittny Sweatt and Toni Fuqua

In this episode, I am talking to Brittny Sweatt and Toni Fuqua, Founders of Colliding Brands, LLC. Brittny & Toni are re-presenting the way black businesses receive a personal touch from the community. Toni, owner, and curator of Toni Fuqua Makeup Artistry is a luminary creative that inspires women to face the beauty within! She is committed to speaking beauty fluently and creating a radiant glow while evoking a natural and individual aesthetic for a clients’ special day. Brittny, is the owner of B Michelle Events, Home of the Evolutionary Event and Wedding Experience serving luxury individuals or brides with impeccable taste. Together, they joined forces to bring notoriety to their brands by cross-promoting for one another and coining the tagline “Floss your Friends.” As their journey continued, they are representing what a community would look like. Together, they are an engagement society elevating the value of camaraderie, community, and connection. We are rooted in providing everyone in the room ingredients to receive valuable insight and resources that assist in the success of their personal development. Through purpose-driven events, we educate and market the goods and services of others thus increasing effort and impact on business and branding! Each colliding experience is meant to circulate the vision of dreamers and colliders financially. A sisterhood, doing it as a team, thriving to empower the community by creating this platform for black businesses to win. One thing is for sure, when it comes to the people they’re in SYNC!  Join us as we discuss her journey behind the business!

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